It is crystal clear that the 2020 elections were far worse than anyone previously thought

Homeless Whistleblower Exposes More Voter Fraud in WA State

Interview with Phoenix Holmes, a WA homeless advocate

AZ State Rep Mark Finchem delivers The Keynote Speech

At The Skagit GOP Lincoln Day Dinner

Skagit County Public Hearing On Election Integrity


Over 500 people showed up on Sunday, Aug 29 to witness a Washington State Public Hearing on Election Integrity at Heritage Ranch in Bow, WA Skagit County

OAN Weekly Briefing with Christina Bobb Interviews Bill Bruch WA Election Integrity Committee Chair

Engineer and Scientist Draza Smith

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Bill Bruch, WA State GOP Election Integrity Chairman was Emcee. The event included former Skagit County Prosecutor K. Garl Long questioning several amazing whistle blowers and witnesses with powerful testimony including:

Click image above for event video: Draza Smith w/ Q & A

Former WA State Dept. of Licensing employee

San Juan County elections worker

As well as others that exposed potential felony level voter fraud during the 2020 elections. Also several WA State Legislators and a Skagit County Commissioner were part of a panel questioning the whistle blowers, witnesses and experts

Skagit County Voter Integrity Project Volunteer Canvasser shares findings

Former Assistant State Auditor reviews private funding CTCL election grants, elected officials lack of transparency WA HB 1068, Federal and State election grants, 2020 CARES Act, EAC, Runbeck

We the Governed Glen Morgan discusses WA state voter fraud and his experience canvassing, finding hundreds of questionable voter irregularities across the state

Government Watchdog Cody Hart exposes Skagit County election officials via undercover informant videos, deletion of election camera videos, PRR emails, thousands of questionable ballots, etc.

Engineer and Scientist Draza Smith presents her WA State findings using Nov 3, 2020 Real Time Edison Data that showed evidence of an algorithm being used in the state's Presidential, Governor and Congressional races. WA State 2020 Governor Candidate Loren Culp looks on

PhD Scientist Dr. Douglas Frank reviews his Skagit County and WA State findings showing that in Skagit county there was a perfect Correlation Coefficient (R = 1.000) between his mathematical model and the certified voting data. This evidence made his case that an algorithm was in effect, as ballots recorded mirrored voter registrations. Additionally, thousands more ballots were issued than there were registered voters

The Public Hearing event made clear that elections in Washington State were compromised, and the state's elections and laws relating to them are systematically flawed

End Of Hearing Q & A

If you've witnessed or experienced anything unusual or suspicious during the November 2020 election in Washington State and would like to share your story, fill out and sign the sworn affidavit below. You may be contacted by a volunteer if there are any questions or we need additional information

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